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Watch case material

The material of the case protects the watch and determines its weight

The material in which the watch case is manufactured will determine and condition its weight as well as protecting the mechanism and the dial of the watch, preventing it from being damaged after a blow or accident, so it is a feature to be taken very seriously when choosing the ideal watch.

The different materials that are used for the manufacture of watch cases are usually: steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic, resin... each material has special properties that make the watch weigh little and be very comfortable to wear or very resistant, and in some cases both, as is the case of aluminum and titanium.

Choose the material of the case of your watches well and you will be right in your decision when buying your ideal watch to get the most out of it according to your way of dressing or the type of event-occasion for which you are going to use it.

Be right when buying your ideal watch by choosing the material of its case


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