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Types of movement in watches

Types of movement in watches: automatic, quartz, solar...

Through this page of our online watches store we explain the differences between the different types of movement of watches, so you can choose and buy your ideal watch according to this feature and your purchase in our online store is a success.

Watches with automatic movement (called automatic watches or mechanical watches) work without the need for a battery, thanks to a small rotor that oscillates around a pivot and acts as a loading mechanism for the spring that accumulates the energy necessary for its operation. As the load is generated through the oscillation of the rotor, the simple movement of the arm of the watch bearer is sufficient to keep the watch running. Technological advances have allowed many improvements in this type of watches, formerly had to wind them manually each time they stopped because when the rotor stopped oscillating the spring was no load, today there are some models that are capable of holding without movement even up to three days without stopping. You can find all the watches with automatic movement type following the link automatic watches.

Watches with quartz movement are quite common, their movement is based on the properties of quartz, a mineral that generates the necessary impulses at regular intervals that allow the measurement of time. To activate the quartz is necessary to use an oscillating electric field that arises from the battery that uses the watch, so when the battery runs out the watch stops working. In this type of movement the technological advances have allowed to considerably extend the useful life of the watch's battery and have even added improvements as it is the case of the EOL function that warns when the useful life of the battery is coming to an end. You can find all the watches with quartz movement following the link watches with quartz movement.

Watches with solar movement, like automatic watches, operate without batteries, and are one of the greatest technological advances in the world of modern watchmaking. Its operation consists of solar panels that collect light from the environment and convert it into the energy necessary to allow the watch to remain in operation. They also have a storage battery that stores the excess energy for later use when the watch is in the dark or can not use the light from its surroundings. You can find all the watches with solar movement following the link watches with solar movement.

Now that you know the main differences among the different types of movement of watches you can choose your favorite, more according to your needs or your lifestyle. In our online store you will find a wide variety of models of each of the types of movement that we have introduce you and you can choose and buy your favorite watch at the best price and in the most comfortable, fast and simple way... without leaving home.

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