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How to buy in our watches shop

Thanks to, buying watches is much simpler and faster

As comfortable and fast as accessing our online watches shop, choose the models that you like and buy them following a few simple steps.

In our watches shop everything is different, because you can see our wide and growing catalog of watches and buy all those you want from home.

Save yourself from any effort and inconvenience when buying watches in traditional establishments: travel by public transport or your own vehicle, traffic, loss of time, stress of the big city, difficulty parking your car, etc.

In the hand of, once the purchase of watches is formalized, you will receive your order at home or at the address you prefer in the shortest time possible. To buy watches in our online shop you just have to follow these simple steps:

See our catalog of watches

First of all, access our catalog by visiting the different watches sections that we offer you, or delight with each new collection of the different brands.

Get all the information of our articles through its files

If you have found the product you were looking for... PERFECT! Click on its photo and a sheet will be displayed with all the features you need to know about the article of costume watches, and you can see it in all its splendor. Beware of its beauty, it could dazzle you!!

If when you come to our shop to buy watches you do not find the watch model that you were looking for, do not worry, get in touch with us through the email address and we will do everything possible to get it and send it to you sooner.

If you wish, you can make the purchase of your watch by phone 965 130 870

In this case, contact us through the Customer Service phone number and tell us which items you wish to purchase. The telephone service hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. at 2:00 p.m. (GMT + 1)

To buy watches: Sign up on our site

You already have it clear, that's the watch item you want. You can buy it with a simple click by registering on our site. You will only have to provide your user e-mail (through which we will contact you for what you need) and a password.

This way you can buy watches at that precise moment and also access our online watches shop on next occasions with your own personalized shopping cart. If you already have an account, simply access your new watch buying process by contributing your data in the "REGISTERED CLIENT" field.

Tell us where you want to receive your watches order

Tell us where you want us to send your order, filling in the forms for SHIPPING DATA and BILLING DATA (only in case the data for billing were different from the shipping).

You may want to give any of the watches that you have at your fingertips in our shop to someone very special. In that case, the data for the shipment would correspond to that person's, and the data for billing would be yours as buyer.

Tell us how you prefer that we make the shipment: Methods of Shipment

Choose the most appropriate shipping method or the one that best suits your needs, also depending on the geographical area in which you are located. Check our section on METHODS OF SHIPPING, in it you will see that we collaborate with entities with the prestige of NACEX and Correos, a guarantee when it comes to buying online watches.

Choose how you want to make the payment: Payment methods


The next step will be to choose the payment method, having different possibilities to choose if you are going to buy your watches from Spain: PAYPAL (SECURE PAYMENT WITH CREDIT CARD OR BANK TRANSFER), AGAINST REIMBURSEMENT, BANK TRANSFER


If you are going to buy watches from our online shop and you are in another country, you can choose between the following payment methods accepted by Skippertime: PAYPAL (SECURE PAYMENT WITH CREDIT CARD OR BANK TRANSFER)

Check the data in the order summary and confirm it

You have already done everything you should to make your watch purchase. Observe the summary of your order and check if all the information provided is correct. You can modify any erroneous data at any time during the purchase process and confirm your order by clicking the "CONFIRM MY ORDER" button.

Receive the invoice of your order by e-mail in PDF

If you are going to buy watches to give away, you can tell us at the time of making your purchase and we will send the invoice of the order in PDF format to your e-mail instead of including it in the package of the order. In that case, you will receive the invoice at the precise moment in which our team verifies that the entire purchase process has been carried out correctly and the payment has been made.




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