Availability notification

There is a watch with limited availability in your shopping cart

Dear Customer,

We inform you that some of the items in your shopping cart have a Limited Availability. It is possible that we do not have it in our shops, having to make the necessary arrangements to get it in the case of this being so.

In the event that your shopping cart has included High Availability products together, which we can send immediately once payment is made, and Limited Availability products, for which you will require prior confirmation to make the payment, we recommend that you place orders separately from them.

In this way, you can receive the watches that we have in our shop within the time limit, and you will not pay for limited availability products until we confirm that you will receive them safely.

If you still decide to make the joint order of both, we inform you that the time limit for delivery will be longer and that will be determined by the time it takes for our team to get those Limited Availability products you have requested.

You can consult us about the availability of our watches by phone or email, you will find the information in the section of contact of our online watches shop.

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